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Why We Believe in Creationism by J. Palmer Douglas

J. Palmer Douglas' book explaining the science relating to the Creation/evolution debate to show science supports the Creation account in Genesis. ThisĀ  book is different than the rest of the books out there on this topic in that it gives equal time to both sides of the debate and still reveals how science is in agreement with scriptures. The debate is examined from the standpoint of all the major scientific disciplines. The writing style is conversational and very easy to read. Complex ideas are stated in simple, understandable terms. This is highly recommended for parents with kids in schools where evolution is taught, students who want to know the scientific truth relating to the Creation/evolution debate, for people who want to understand from a scientific standpoint why the Bible is right, and for people who are undecided as to which side of the Creation/evolution debate they should be on. GGCFW highly recommends this book. Available in paperback and ebook formats from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Creation Relativity by J. Palmer Douglas

Creation Relativity: Einstein and the Bible resolves once and for all the debate regarding the age of the earth and the universe in a way that is entirely scriptural and entirely scientific. Often the scientists and Bible scholars do not take Einstein's postulates into account when considering the debate regarding the age of the earth and universe. Einstein's Relativity definitively answers the question of how old creation is. Written in easy to understand everyday language, this book defines relativity in a way that makes sense to the common person and shows how Einstein's postulates are reflected through the Bible. Among the topics addressed are how light from distant galaxies needs only very short periods of time to reach us, how it is that we can see star-forming regions in distant galaxies when the Bible correctly stated that all the stars were created on the fourth day, and how we can be certain regarding how old the universe is. This is a one-of-a-kind book on the topic, with no other book known to GGCFW discussing this topic. At less than 100 pages, this is a quick read. Creation Relativity is Highly Recommended by GGCFW. This book will blow your mind! Available in paperback and ebook from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Dr. Carl Stevens 479 Doctrines

DOWNLOAD Dr. Carl Stevens 479 Doctrines.

During his ministry, Dr. Carl Stevens wrote hundreds of "doctrine booklets" which addressed individual Bible doctrines and their practical applications in the believer's life. This is a PDF collection of 479 of those booklets. The reader will be edified by teaching from the Word of God on topics ranging from Forgiveness, to the Cross, to God's plan for teenagers, and much, much more. This is an invaluable addition to any believer's collection of reading material. GGCFW highly recommends this work. You can download a free copy above, or by clicking here, or on the image above. You will need a PDF reader to utilize this download. To download the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader click here.

E-Sword Free Bible Study Software

E-sword is free Bible study software with an extensive collection of resource modules that can also be downloaded for free. There are hundreds of titles available including Bible translations, dictionaries, lexicons, commentaries, and numerous other study tools. The free module downloads can be accessed at In the opinion of GGCFW, this free Bible study software is superior to most commercially available Bible study software that sells for hundreds of dollars. GGCFW highly recommends e-sword as an excellent Bible study tool for both pastors and students. You can download e-sword by clicking on the e-sword logo above or by clicking here. E-sword is also available for iPad, iPhone, and Mac on their main website. A free version of e-sword calledĀ MySword Bible is also available for android phones and tablets from Google Play.

If you do choose to download and install e-sword, be sure to install the setup first (from the main e-sword website) and the module installer (from second, before installing the modules.


Website: Voice of the Martyrs

Go to Voice of the Martyrs

The online ministry started by Richard Wurmbrand detailing the plight of persecuted Christians around the world today.

Institute for Creation Research

Go to the ICR website

"For over four decades, the Institute for Creation Research has equipped believers with evidence of the Bible's accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework." ICR does a very good job examining the scientific components of Creationism.

Answers in Genesis

Go to the Answers in Genesis website

Answers in Genesis is Ken Ham's teaching ministry regarding Creationism and the Creation/Evolution debate. This highly recommended website provides numerous resources for adults and children.